from the Queen of the Fairies

“Hello! You found me! I am full of sunbeams that you made your way here - that means you truly have magic in you.

I decided to visit the Human Realm from my home in the Fairy Lands, to remind people of the magic inside their hearts and in all of nature! Are you excited to connect and play too?

Please have a peek at my YouTube channel Talula Time, read my picture book, meet for an online Fairy Party or Playdate, or even find a special gift in the Fairy Market!

There is so much wonder and possibility in the world - let’s go and explore it together!

-Talula Shimmerwing

Talula’s YouTube Channel

Talula loves exploring the Human Realm and has many adventures, stories, activities, and special messages to share in her show, Talula Time. Subscribe for regular updates!

Give the Gift Of Magic

Make someone close to your heart feel magical with an encounter with the Queen of the Fairies.

Parties & Playdates

Fairy Parties and Playdates with Talula are playful and more fun than a pixie in a pile of pickleflower pollen! Online or in person (or, ahem, in fairy!), open the fairy door, and enter a world of wonder and surprise.


The Fairy Club

Join Talula for one class of the Fairy Club or many! In her new online realm, you can meet new friends while learning all about fairy magic, fairy arts and crafts, dancing, participating in her interactive stories, plus so much more!


Talula at Events

As the Queen of the Fairies, Talula’s magic is the most powerful in her realm! This means she brings more joy and laughter to your special event than any other fairy. She’ll lead you on an adventure through the Fairy Lands and have a truly unforgettable day!

Fairy Books

Talula created her very own books to help you get inspired. You can find colouring books and picture storybooks which are perfect for bedtime stories or an afternoon of sparking your creativity. Let’s get started!

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