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Queen of the Fairies

There’s something wonderful about meeting the Queen of the Fairies. Whether it be online or in person, she shares the play and magic of the Fairy Lands and leaves a shimmer in the air wherever she goes.

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Online Party

Give the gift of enchantment with an online party or playdate. You can count on Talula and her enchanted green screen to make it a truly authentic, direct-from-the-Fairy-Lands experience. 

Online parties don’t just look magical, they’re also highly interactive. Talula will share her magical Cape of Invisibility that can only be seen by those with a fairy in their heart! By putting your magic together, the Golden Certificate will disappear during the party, only to appear in your home ready for your child to sign. They will be amazed with wonder that they are filled with magic too! 

Online parties include: Fairy Ceremony, Storytelling, Dancing, and any activities your child is interested in at that time (Talula is great at engaging little fairies whether it’s a spontaneous tea party or introducing her super fluffy, super magical rabbit Bon Bon). Perfect for up to 20 households. 

Video Messages

Is your child celebrating a special achievement? Do they need some words of encouragement, or perhaps would just love to hear from a fairy today? Talula sends a recorded video message to your child with all the details you provide to make it personalized and magical. 

With her beautiful wings and lovesong voice, she’ll spread a big dusting of magic and positivity on your child’s day. All videos are two minutes in length and can be played on repeat!

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Online Playdates

Perfect for 1-2 children, Talula is ever so gifted at capturing imaginations with her invitation to explore the Fairy Lands and play. It’s one of her favourite magical powers!  Activities  will follow personal interests from a tea party with all your teddy bears to learning how to fly.  No matter the weather, it will be a morning or afternoon full of magic and wonder.

Fairy Letter

Have you ever seen a letter from a fairy? It’s oh so beautiful and sparkly! Plus, there’s nothing more special than receiving a message just for you to keep forever. Talula loves to spend time writing to her friends and takes extra care to add in lots of personal details

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