We know that grown-ups secretly (and sometimes not-so-secretly!) want to play with the fairies as well.

Talula is an engaging speaker to remind humans about the benefits of play, connecting to nature, and living with magic in your heart. The human realm can be challenging, and who better than the Queen of the Fairies to bring a new perspective. Whatever the theme of your event, she’ll speak about a chosen topic from her unique point of view.

All talks and workshops are highly interactive, speak to the heart and are as playful as a pack of pixies in a pile of pickleflowers.


it works


Why Talula?

Sometimes Talula likes to go undercover and takes the form of a human called Bryony Lake. ‘Bryony’ will tell you with all seriousness that through her company, In the Company of Fairies and Talula Shimmerwing, she has been providing highly interactive and magical fairy events in Vancouver, Canada since 2008. 

Bryony is also a certified Expressive Arts Therapist with training in using the arts to promote healing and well being. She can’t wait to say hello!

Talula Blowing Fairy Dust