Meet the

Queen of the Fairies

Talula- meet in person

There’s nothing more wonderful than meeting the Queen of the Fairies. Whether you’re an event planner, school principal or fun mom seeking something unforgettable for your guests, you can count on Talula to enchant everyone with a magical, interactive, and super-fun fairy experience.

Her fairy door is near Vancouver, BC, but she is happy to fly to where you are. She has also discovered human magic and is fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Ways to meet Talula


Up to 30 minute stage show

Full of highly engaging storytelling, sing-along songs to get everyone flying, and dancing to transport young fairies to another world. Stage shows with Queen Talula are interactive and lots of fun!


Meet the fairy queen

No one will believe you met a real life fairy unless you have a photo to prove it! Meet Talula in person and have her sign your guests’ picture books or colouring books. You can also add a magical forest backdrop with mushroom stools for photographs for that extra wow factor.

In person events - Roaming with guests

Roaming and engagement with guests

We’ll roam your event space to answer your fairy questions and take your children on an adventure to fly through the Fairy Lands! With a sprinkle of fairy dust, some bubbles and laughter, add some interactive playfulness to your next event.