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Wouldn’t it be nice to meet other littles who are part fairy? In association with Outschool, Talula hosts her very own Fairy Club for children all around the world. It’s a great chance to meet new friends while learning all about being a fairy. Here’s what fun you can get up to with the Queen of the Fairies, all from the comfort of your own home:

Tula on Flower_

Become a Fairy

What colour are your fairy wings? Do magical powers shine from your wand too? Talula sends every class member an invitation to discover their own magical fairy self, draw a picture of it, and share it with others. It’s the perfect introduction to becoming a fairy!

Fairy Ball

Fly to the Fairy Lands for a Fairy Ball! We’ll dress up, dance the Pixie Pop, enjoy some interactive storytelling, and play all your favourite fairy games.

Fairy Crafts

Let’s get creative! During fairy craft, we’ll make various items like a flower necklace, sparkle wand or butterfly clip, and share how it’s magic works for you. For Talula, the flower necklace makes pink sparkly magic all around you that gives you the ability to talk to flowers - how exciting!


Fairy Magic

Would you like to learn ways to communicate with fairies through handwritten notes and a secret technique to talk to trees and flowers? Talula can also teach you all about Fairy Doors and what they do too! In this session, we’ll write a note to a fairy and make a gift for them, such as a sparkle butterfly. You’ll also learn how to use fairy magic, like using your magic paintbrush to paint a rainbow of light all around you to keep you safe and happy.


Talula shares an interactive fairy story about the Fairy Lands, which you will then turn into a beautiful picture you can keep forever. For example, one of her favourite stories is about a rare and enchanting flutterbye (an extra-large magical butterfly!). Talula then provides a special coloring page where the class will design the flutterbye's wings.


Fairy Art

Not just your average paint time, this will be a chance for you to truly make some magic. Every child will draw a butterfly, fairy, magic toadstool and other enchanted creations with a white pastel. Wait to see what happens when you add some paint...Hint: magic!

Fairy Tea Party

Enjoy some imaginary Razzleberry or Mariposa tea and find out what magic they have. Fairy Tea is a time to chat about fairies, nibble pinkerpod pie and learn about all the other foods fairies like - you might be surprised! Talula says since coming to the Human Realm, she discovered ketchup chips, which she loves almost as much as fairy cakes.


Story Making

For older age groups, we’ll create your very own fairy story with captivating characters, places, and a problem they need to solve. Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to share your magical story with the whole class. Talula can’t wait to hear some of your enchanted names and creatures!