From the Fairy Lands

to the Human Realm

Talula Shimmerwing lives in the Fairy Lands in a beautiful palace made of flowers and light. Talula’s job is to oversee all the fairies and other magical creatures in the Fairy Lands and the Human Realm, and help them remember their magic and joy, particularly when they feel more like a goblin than a fairy. When she isn’t visiting the far corners of the Fairy Lands and teaching the ways of the Fae, Talula loves dancing in moonbeams, sipping Mariposa Tea with friends (and laughing when it turns them into butterflies), and spending time with her pet alacorn, Kai.

Talula’s Story

After learning about struggles that people were having with a new illness and caring for the planet, Queen Talula decided to go to the Human Realm herself, human-sized, and help people remember their magic, joy, and connection to Nature. 

Talula knows that magic is inside everyone. Sometimes it just takes the Queen of the Fairies to help remember.

talulas story

You Are the Magic

Fortunately, Talula isn’t alone – two young fairies, Twizzle and Sox, came with her on her journey. They remain small so they may be hard to see, but watch for a flash of movement around Talula, and that is likely Twizzle up to tricks, or Sox having a nap on Talula’s shoulder.

Sometimes Talula likes to go undercover and takes the form of a human called Bryony Lake. ‘Bryony’ will tell you with all seriousness that through her company, In the Company of Fairies, she has been providing highly interactive and magical fairy parties for children in Vancouver, Canada since 2008.

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